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1. Digital Quilt Comparison

 I decided to do my first post on this project without revealing too much. I've written a poem on my initial thoughts of seeing my first wonky portraits and my first cross stitch patterns versus my more recent work.  I open an old digital file,   Stored in a forgotten folder.   Pixels stutter across the screen,   Awkward and unsure.   A symphony of mismatched hues,   Each portrait   A hesitant touch   Between mouse and monitor.   I witness the eagerness   Of fingers craving creation,   Yet lost in the learning.   And now I glance at   What my stylus can conjure,   And I marvel at the evolution.   Each stroke, each shade,   A testament to resilience.   No longer mere shapes,   But whispers of spirit.   My art breathes.   It provokes and ponders,   It demands engagement.   I see the transformation   Between then and now,   Not with disdain,   But with pride.   Every flawed rendering   Was a foundation stone,   Every failed endeavor   A murmur of hope.   I cherish the early pixels,  

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